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This triple blond is both simple and complex. Its initial simplicity, with an easy approach that releases a sweet zest,
is quickly complemented by a bitterness that runs to the back of the mouth. Its complexity, with its raw ingredients clashing a little like cannon shots, but each tastier than the last, with alternating bitter hops and the flexibility of its malt, gives this Waterloo beer the taste of victory.

  • Alcohol by volume : 8%
  • Colour :  Blonde
  • Fermentation :  Top fermentation
  • Type :  Triple
  • Temperature :  4 – 6 °C
  • Format :  33cl, 75cl, 15l keg

A coffee nose is combined with a pronounced aroma, with a strong but disciplined character. Its flavour develops gradually, reminiscent, if you will,
of the ardour of the soldiers of the Battle of Waterloo. Strong and reassuring, it provides a sweet conclusion at the back of the throat, a symbol of a well-deserved treat at the end of a busy day.

  • Alcohol by volume : 8%
  • Colour : Brown
  • Fermentation : Top fermentation
  • Type : Double
  • Temperature : 4 – 6 °C
  • Format : 33cl, 75cl, 15l keg

Waterloo Récolte is a genuine local product, born in Mont-Saint-Jean Farm in Waterloo. The beer captivates the taste buds and requires a strategic approach, but it’s not tricky because it can be discovered via its forefront of malts and wheat followed by its slightly rougher back taste, which is bitter without being invasive. Once conquered, expect setbacks, however, because it is very charming but also cunning: ‘Bravery!’

  • Alcohol by volume : 6%
  • Colour : Pale blonde
  • Fermentation : Top fermentation
  • Type : Special farm beer
  • Temperature : 5 °C
  • Format : 15l keg and 20l one-way keg

Produced at Mont-Saint-Jean farm, in limited quantities, the new Récolte Hiver beer has enriched the Waterloo range. This farmhouse beer is a real local product – like its big sister, the Waterloo Récolte. Fresh and elegant, this brown ale is light and hoppy. Brown sugar and roasted malt gives it a dark colour and very nice caramelized end notes on the pallate. This is an outstanding craft beer, as refreshing as it is surprising in its similarity to the famous beer drunk by the English soldiers in 1815 during the famous battle. A real achievement in brewing …. and history!

  • Alcohol by volume : 6%
  • Colour :  Brown
  • Fermentation :  Top fermentation
  • Type :  Farm beer
  • Temperature :  5 °C
  • Format :  20l one-way keg and 15l keg

Waterloo Strong Kriek is the new Belgian craft beer designed at Mont-Saint-Jean farm, on the Waterloo battlefield.
Our master brewer has created the perfect blend between a top-fermented beer and a typical cherry Lambic: a unique brew, a well-balanced fruity taste with a strong character. Our strongest Kriek ever!

  • Alcohol by volume : 8%
  • Colour :  Dark
  • Fermentation :  Top fermentation & lambic
  • Type :  Strong Kriek
  • Temperature :  4 – 6 °C
  • Format :  33cl, 75cl, 20l one-way keg and 15l keg